Ahol már nincsenek geekek (?)

Bruce Sterling, akitől a Maneki Nekót kellene olvasnom a blogja helyett, idézi Henriette Webertől a Lift konfencia - igen, én se olvastam róla semmit - kapcsán:

So at Lift07 there was nobody who said the word “blog” or “web 2.0″ which to me is a very visible sign that “blog” and “web 2.0″ is getting passé… slowly but firmly. It is not where the geeks are anymore. Does this mean that Web 2.0 is dead ? hardly - now all the companies is starting to implement it and all the people who has been in it for the money is starting to make a lot of money.

Ha mást nem, azt megmagyarázza, miért tűnik érdekesebbnek mostanában a parancssor.