Hosszú, álmosító angol levél következik arról, hogy a múltkor már emlegetett arab Apple userek szerint az IMC területen élő machasználóknak közösek a problémáik és az érdekeik. Szervezkedjünk?


This email is sent to all all Apple User Groups that are listed on and that are in countries covered by an Apple IMC, plus a few additional emails to contacts that I’ve been in touch with.

My name is Magnus Nystedt and I’m the founder and Ambassador for EmiratesMac User Group in the United Arab Emirates. We’re covered by Apple IMC Middle East.

Recently I’ve started to think about some issues are special to Apple users and customers in IMC-countries and I thought if there is enough interest we could perhaps form an informal discussion group to confer and consult on common matters.

It seems to me that although we’re in different countries, with different cultures and languages, we have things in common just because we live with an Apple IMC, including: - Localization of software and other material. - No “real” Apple representation. - No iTunes store (for most of us at least). - No AppleCare. - Etc.

I would like to invite you to email me back if you’re interested in whatever this may become. I offer up our web site at for use for this group. I could create a closed forum that only we have access to where we could share news, events, and discuss matters.

Take care everyone, hope to hear back from you soon.

Please feel free to distribute this to any other user group representatives or other individuals that you think may be interested.

Regards Magnus Nystedt


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  1. IMC = Independent Marketing Company. Magyarul ahol nem a nagy Apple van, a cupertinoi, hanem a kis Apple. Mint például az apple hungary imc, ami nekünk jutott.

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