Disznófejű… ügyvéd?

And so maybe what we’re talking about with the blog is giving up a little of your freedom in exchange for money, but this is a transaction we’re all making every day.

Then he says he’s prepared to offer me two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and he says that while he can’t tell me what Nick Ciarelli got I can feel confident that this is a very good offer on Apple’s part.

I’m like, Dude, do you realize that guys like Nick Ciarelli don’t write their blogs because they want to hurt you, they write their blogs because they love Apple? And do you not also realize that you could put a lot of this stuff to rest simply by announcing product roadmaps instead of living under the cone of silence and locking yourselves down like some kind of weird Scientology cult and threatening to ruin people who write about you?

He says, I can go to three hundred thousand.

Legyen elég ennyi a fair use-ból. A teljes történet úgyis olvasható a The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs-on. Fake Steve leült tárgyalni az Apple egyik ügyvédjével. Vagy nem. Nem tudom, hogy mi fikció és mi tényvalóság a történetből. Mindenesetre riasztó, mennyire könnyű komolyan venni.

Ugyanebben a műfajban van pár Ady vers is.